A Japanese Stroll Garden

Project Summary

Nestled within lush greenery in a forested area of Salem, this garden was developed as the fusion of the temperate Pacific Northwest casual vernacular and the Japanese stroll garden (see below) stylings of the Far East school of landscape design. This property exhibits the way in which design can draw one to various meditative and secret garden spaces within the landscape. Unique plantings combine with mixed ground plane and plant textures to provide a one of a kind experience, while cleverly solving the issue of too much exposure and noise from the road by utilizing custom-built fence, trellis screen designs, and an amplified double waterfall. 

A Kaiyushiki-teien (Japanese Stroll Garden)

A classical garden designed in the Edo period (1603 – 1867) for a leisurely stroll along its winding circular path, which is walked clockwise. This garden typically contains a pond, islands, trees, artificial hills and rocks, as well as features from other styles of gardens. Beautiful views can be admired from different viewpoints when visiting a Stroll Garden.

Project Details
>.25 acres
The Garden Angels, Autumn Leaf Landscaping
Landscape Design/Master Plan, Onsite Consultation & Observation During Installation
Key Aesthetics
  • Japanese Inspired
Project Elements
Architectural Plantings / Meditative Spaces / Pollinator Garden / Porous Hardscape / Privacy & Sound Buffers / Secret Garden / Unique Water Elements
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