A well-designed garden is a very special place

  • A destination; a soulful retreat, peaceful and full of promise.
  • A personal sanctuary, a statement of personality, style and form.
  • A place of wonder, with well-developed vistas and visual appointments.

Perhaps it is formal, perhaps more relaxed in its overall effect and style… Tempting the senses with year ‘round visual treats, sweet fragrance, dancing foliage, chirping birds, babbling brooks and touchable textures; enclosing a total environment, a complete experience.

parterre garden central axial

Architectural & Environmental Unity

The garden should unify the architecture of the home with the natural or surrounding landscapes, borrowing a view, completing a thought. It makes sense. It flows and creates a sensible traffic pattern, providing function and subtle statements of purpose and form.

established garden with gazebo formed crushed gravel walks

Self-Managing Design

The well designed garden helps to manage itself; an active participant in its care. As it grows, it develops a natural balance, nurturing its own soils and soliciting the help of birds, butterflies and other beneficial insects – assisting you with garden maintenance.

private courtyard with stone pathway

A sensible Foundation

The well-designed garden is sensible in all respects. Well-designed, planned and executed gardens are practical, shaped by real life budgets and built upon a sensible foundation. Well-designed gardens anticipate phases of change over several years time, an ever growing and dynamic place.

she shed

SMART® Garden Design

Your garden can be part of a healthy environment. Beyond conventional landscaping, a Smart Garden plan can:

  • Create a more peaceful & beautiful natural environment
  • Conserve water
  • Attract birds, butterflies, and other native pollinators
  • Minimize erosion and stabilize slopes
  • Decrease weekly maintenance activity
  • Decrease chemical and fertilizer use
  • Grow food and produce energy