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The Consultations

It begins with your idea, perhaps when you are dreaming about a new use in your yard, or maybe driven by frustration. Your personal Garden Angel visits and assesses the possibilities with you, often diagnosing problems, and exploring possibilities for change.  Inventory of valuable assets are celebrated, liabilities called out. A range of possibilities and aspirations are discussed. Ideas flow. Frank discussions about budget realities and market pricing; the scope of your future garden building projects. We help you narrow in on a realistic plan, establishing long-term priorities and maintenance requirements. A matching of our service to your needs and a thorough understanding of our varied products to help you realize an enhanced landscape experience.

schematic design development

The Schematic Designs

We begin with collecting photogrammetry data to underpin a series of real-life 3D concepts, renderings and images, illustrating our great new ideas for you.  Tailoring our design with a personalized process, each iteration is presented and examples offered for newly conceived spatial compositions and elements.  A dynamic process, revisions and adjustments are made with your input. We leave you with the best of our conceptual visions partnered with your site’s conditions and your personal touches.

schematic design development

The Design Development Process

Specifying the concepts to help you find the best installation. Whatever is necessary to articulate, communicate, calculate and anticipate the work to be completed in your plans. As in previous consultations, budget and value are paramount in the compilations of data necessary to launch a project. We help you sensibly phase the work ahead, consulting with you throughout the development of construction documents necessary to bring about the vision.

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Carrying Out The Vision: Construction

Onsite support, creative direction, inspection of the installations. Here the decades of experience are not to be discounted.  We know the talent to help implement your project. We can help you solicit the right craftsman for your new plan. Our pre-qualified preferred installers are licensed, insured and bonded for the work, with clean operating records. All are concurrent through price agreement when constructing our designs, offering you the best value for the highest quality available.