A Pollinator Retreat

Project Summary

This classic, inviting garden was designed with the birds and bees front and center; connective stone pathways lead the visitor around the residence, under a gorgeous custom kinetic arbor, and through the garden to enjoy the nature-filled space.

Project Details
<.25 acres
The Garden Angels, Autumn Leaf Landscaping, Premium NW Landscaping, Red Valley LLC
Landscape Design/Master Plan, Onsite Consultation & Observation During Installation, Aftercare, Budgeting and Bid Dox Development, Spatial Composition, Master Planning, Construction Consultation, Drought Resistant Planting Design, Custom Carpentry Design
Key Aesthetics
  • Cottage
  • Country
  • English
Project Elements
Courtyard Entertainment Space / Custom Carpentry / Fine Art Elements / Perennial Flower Borders / Pollinator Garden / Secret Garden