The Garden Angels’ Designer Display Garden

Project Summary

The demonstration garden at The Garden Angels’ atelier provides a wonderful example of the ways in which design can be used to not only transform a site but to solve site issues (every property has them!). Tucked into the heart of South Salem, this garden, aptly named “The Madrona Pocket,” is available for viewing by appointment. 

The overall composition demonstrates the treatment of slope featuring a spacious outdoor living court, privacy buffering, treatment of a narrow backyard, and road noise mitigation. Custom trellises, diverse plantings, and water features punctuate the classical geometry. Charming secret garden spaces invite an afternoon stroll through this Neo-Classical style cottage garden.  This is a well-loved space for our design team to recreate and for our customers to explore, cultivated in a once difficult location. 

Project Details
0.25 acres
  • The Garden Angels
  • Services
  • Landscape Design/Master Plan
  • Onsite Consultation & Observation During Installation
  • Aftercare
  • Key Aesthetics
    • English
    • Neoclassical
    • Traditional/Formal
    Project Elements
    Courtyard Entertainment Space / Custom Fine Carpentry / Drainage Mitigation / Fine Art Focalization / Retaining Systems / Reused Site Materials / Secret Garden / Slope Retention / View & Sound Buffering / Water Features