A Passage Garden Design

Project Summary

Another problem area solved by The Garden Angels site design! A poorly drained side yard abuts the owner’s lovely house, with sloughing, depleted soils drowning the space, incapable of growing desired plants. An entry point for basement water issues needs correction, and a more useable utility passage is required for servicing the rest of the Owner’s landscaping. Our design provides a 100% drainage correction, delivering surface flow water and controlled slope drainage away from the basement area. A porous gravel floor is graded toward the new, handsome, smooth-faced retaining system. Proposed access steps make maintenance beyond the space easier on the gardeners. Cultivated space above the new wall provides vertical gardening space, as the custom trellising supports vines to further shroud the home from neighboring properties. Small changes going a long way to adding value and livability for this family! Another “fun and functional” space courtesy of The Garden Angels creative ideas. Watch this space for photos when construction implemented!

Project Details
>0.25 acres
The Garden Angels
Landscape Design/Master Plan, Budgeting and Bid Dox Development, Planning and Conceptional Design, Budget Development, Bid Process, Spatial Composition, Schematic Design, Design Development, Construction Documents, Deer Pressure Planning, Drought Resistant Planting Design, Drainage solutions, Porous paving
Key Aesthetics
  • Country
  • Simplistic
  • Traditional/Formal
Project Elements
Drainage Mitigation / Perimeter Privacy Buffer Planting / Porous Hardscape / Privacy & Sound Buffers / Retaining Systems / SMART® Updated Deer Resistant Planting Scheme